Wills and Powers of Attorney

Regardless of age or health, having a professionally drafted will and powers of attorney is crucial to protect you, your assets, and your family members in case of death or disability.


A carefully planned and drafted up-to-date will is the best way to both control the distribution of your assets following death as well as to provide for and protect your family members.

Although many younger people and families believe that a will is unnecessary until they are older, a will is essential to provide for the protection and guidance of minor children in the event of tragedy. At the Law Office of Dan Seeley-Baechler, I have personal experience with the unique needs and goals of younger families, and can provide legal advice that is custom-tailored to each family's needs.

As families mature, the goals of a will can change as well. During this stage of life, use my experience and knowledge to ensure that your assets will be distributed in the way you want them to - and in the most tax-efficient manner.

Powers of Attorney

Properly drafted powers of attorney provide you with the means to exercise some control over both your personal health and your assets in the event of disability.

A Power of Attorney for Personal Care is a document that appoints a trusted individual to make decisions relating to your personal health and welfare in case of disability. The power of attorney grants the authority to deal with any health care professionals on your behalf, which can make dealing with hospitals or other health care providers much simpler. The document also allows you to express your wishes regarding life support to the Attorney to remove the stress of making decisions from them and the rest of your family.

A Power of Attorney for Property appoints a trusted individual to act on your behalf with regard to your assets in case of disability. This is a flexible document that can be used to manage your property while you are incapacitated, or in the event that you are unavailable to complete a transaction.

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